we are more beautiful for having been broken

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I am a self-proclaimed collector of words and when I stumbled upon kintsukuroi and it’s meaning, I immediately loved it. It’s the Japanese art form of “repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.” And isn’t that what the Lord does with each of His children time and again in this life?tumblr_mfz0ykDvSf1r6nm6ao1_500

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. –Psalm 147:3 (ESV)

When our hearts are broken, He is already there to heal us and bind up our wounds. When our response to grief or hardship or brokenness is to seek more of Jesus, He is able to minister to our broken places and draw us even closer in. He knows our pain fully, and weeps with us, and yet His best for us often takes us down paths that we would never choose on our own. Jesus said that we will have trouble in this world, but that we can know that He has overcome the world (John 16:33). Allowing Him to heal our brokenness and bind our wounds creates a more beautiful story than before.

There are so many instances we hear of in the lives of others when we think or say that we couldn’t possibly survive it in our own lives. And that may be true, we can’t survive those things in our own power. It’s only when we lean into Christ and His power and care that we can make it through difficult circumstances. He will build us back up, and our faith and hope in Him will be like the silver or gold enamel used in kintsukuroi. Our healing scars make us more like Him as they reveal to others Who our healer is. His love shines through our broken places and fills them in for His glory.

For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. –2 Corinthians 4:17 (ESV)

This is where we can hang our hope — though this life is all we know and it seems so long and weighty and precious, the life that lies before us is the true weighty one. This life prepares us for that one and in that one there will be so much joy and so much glory, all made sweeter because we knew pain here and held fast to Jesus anyway.

As I was writing this, the song “Mended” came to mind. I first heard it only weeks after my dad died and it ministered to me in deep and profound ways. The line that especially stands out to be right now is “you give us your best, when what we thought was better.” It’s so easy, so human, to think that we know what’s best for us and those that we love but we simply don’t.

God always gives us His best and He will always carry us through, making us stronger and more beautiful and more like Jesus. Press into Him when the hard times and the bad days come. Better yet, press into Him every day, because if you haven’t had the hard days yet, they will come– choosing right now, today, to press into Him will help you to keep trusting Him then. 

And He can be trusted. Always.

Mended (by Watermark)

You repair all that we have torn apart and
You unveil a new beginning in our hearts and
We stand grateful for all that has been left behind and
All that goes before us

You’ve got all things suspended
All things connected
Nothing was forgotten
‘Cause your love is perfect
You are our healer
And you know what’s broken
And we’re not a mystery to you
(to you, oh Lord, to you)

We will dance ’cause you restore the wasted years and
You will sing over all our coming fears and
We’ll stand grateful for all that has been left behind and all that goes before us


Lord, you mend the breech
And you break every fetter
You give us your best, when what we thought was better
And you are to be praised
You are to be praised (4x)

How has God brought beauty from your brokenness? Are you stronger now than before? Let’s encourage one another with our stories of God’s faithfulness.

Mended on Youtube


4 thoughts on “we are more beautiful for having been broken”

  1. This is a beautiful post. ” And He can be trusted. Always.” — the longer I live the more I know this to be true. He is so faithful and He will heal us! No one is too broken and beyond His restoration. Joining you from #JoyHopeLive

  2. Beautiful post. Thank you for linking up at #JoyHopeLive. You are the featured post for tomorrow. I hope you will join us again.
    My story of brokenness is my daughter. She was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old (she is 8 years cancer free now). I write about it often on my blog and some in my upcoming book. Our journey through pain and brokenness changed all of us and made us better people for it. I love this post!

    1. That’s one of those things I think I could never survive, Hope. I’m so thankful your little one is cancer free and that your story can encourage the rest of us. Isn’t He so good to allow us to minister to each other?

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