smile, it’s wednesday: a farewell and a few laughs


A smiling camel. You’re welcome.

It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling a bit ready for the weekend to hurry up already and maybe (just maybe) you are feeling the same way. So how about a hodge podge post with one farewell and a few laughs? You know, just to get us over the hump of the week…

A few months back I found a blog post entitled Farewell, My Uterus on the Huffington Post. I don’t remember now exactly how I stumbled upon it, but it probably happened as I “researched” in preparation for my hysterectomy. (It was more a finding all the scary possibilities that almost became my reality as opposed to researching, but whatever.) The first five-six weeks of my recovery were rough because my body just doesn’t like to cooperate with normal healing schedules and left me wondering if I’d made the right choice.

Thankfully, I’m seven weeks post-op now and I’m starting to see the light and life is getting back to normal, so I’m kind of just now coming to terms with what’s gone and done. The weeks leading up to surgery found me quite nervous (remember? the “research”) and also a bit depressed over the finality of it all – even though the true end of my baby-birthing days occurred over five years ago. Still. This certainly ended a season and I was sad.

I’ll never really know why my healing went awry for a few weeks, but I’m thankful that God used it to keep me focused on healing for the future and not on what I’d let go of or lost. It was a time of rest and prayer and waiting on Him. And now it’s ok with me. I’ll always be sentimental about my pregnancies and my babies, but it’s time for new things and better health and this is good.

31 weeks – Milla

I am grateful for the lives that I was able to carry, but the truth is? I’ll carry those same lives with me for all time now. A new season, yes, but the same love keeps growing.

I empathize with the author of Farewell, My Uterus in feeling sentimental but also in feeling a bit of a “good riddance” as well:

You went wild and unpredictable on me. Like an annoying neighbor who shows up unannounced and then never leaves.

So we had to have an intervention. I didn’t really want to do it, but you were no longer good for me, and everyone who saw you said it was time. I was scared to let you go, but part of me knew it was time to go our separate ways. It got ugly. Knives were involved… That’s all I’m gonna to say. —Linda Wolff

Moving on.

I love llamas.


I first saw this image on a post card in NYC a few years back. It’s the one I chose for Ella because it’s right up her alley. How could you not find this funny and adorable? This morning on K-LOVE I heard a story about therapy llamas and alpacas in Portland, Oregon and I just had to check it out. Click here for the full story and a sweet video of Rojo the Llama and Napoleon the alpaca bringing joy to nursing home patients with their “carrot kisses.” That’s right.

This is an old story but one that still cracks me up and impresses me:


This dad wore his own short shorts out on a family outing in an effort to teach his daughter a lesson in appropriateness. You can read the story here. I’ve told Elijah this story several times and so he used it recently in a school assignment on persuasive writing. His teacher asked for more facts, but since I know the back story I love his paragraph. And in true Elijah form, it’s completely honest and up front:

Tight shorts are ugly, but that’s not the only reason people shouldn’t wear them. They are extremely tight. In fact, they are so tight, they can cut off circulation to your legs and once you take them off, your legs will probably be red. Another reason is because they are inappropriate. No one needs to see the shape of your private parts. And if your rebellious teenage daughter wears tight shorts, don’t wear a pair of your own to get her to stop. Just do something else. —Elijah (telling it as he sees it since 2004)

I love that ending – just do something else. 

And maybe that’s a good ending for this post as well. If you are sad or disgruntled or dismayed or any other negative kind of middle-of-the-week feeling, try to stop feeling that way. Laugh at these stories and then…

just do something else.


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