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[To Be Seen]

For two years she has wanted simply to be seen. For much longer than that, really, but especially since the move away from all she’d known. From all her children had known. From  being known. (Because back then and there she had been seen and known through years of friendships that felt like favorite shirts and Sunday after Sunday surrounded by the same church family and living in close proximity to actual by blood family.) So if she ever felt unknown and unseen back then and there, it felt nothing like after the move.… read more

a beautiful example of abiding

Therefore, my brother, who would learn to abide in Jesus, take time each day, ere you read, and while you read, and after you read, to put yourself into living contact with the living Jesus, to yield yourself distinctly and consciously to His blessed influence; so will you give Him the opportunity of taking hold of you, of drawing you up and keeping you safe in His almighty life.

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