oh, what a year it’s been // a 52 weeks of gratitude post

oh, what a year it’s been…

from snow + ice + snow days

from wonderful hellos + a few sad goodbyes

from the school marathon + birthdays + brownies

from cousin visits + a Crowder concert + an Eric Church concert

from gulf beaches + an Alabama lake + putting down Nashville roots

from swimming + paletas + fireflies at dusk

to a new school year + the last year of preschool

to the fair + the book of Revelation +boys dressed as hotdogs (for Halloween!)

to the SaddleUp super show + a Tennessee fall + a wonderful Thanksgiving

to a teenager in my home + a Nashville birthday for my favorite twins

to a guitar recital + parties + the last preschool nativity play

to Christmas in Alabama + more and more cousins!… read more

Thanksgiving is my favorite {a 52 weeks of gratitude post}

It’s a bit embarrassing that I’ve gotten behind (again) on my 52 weeks of gratitude posts. If I’m counting correctly, this is my sixteenth post, but it’s been nineteen weeks since I began. Ugh! And THIS month of all the months to slack up on gratitude.… read more

book review: Christmas! the Whole Story of the God who Loves


For the past few years I have tried so hard to do an advent reading with the kids, but it’s not something I’ve been totally successful with as of yet. Try as I might, December nights are crazy (like all other school nights of the year) and the serene, unrushed time of reading that I imagine and long for just doesn’t happen.… read more

what to tell the kids (and yourself) about Paris and ISIS

Right or wrong, we generally try hard to protect our kids from watching the news. They know there is evil in the world, but I guess we just want to protect them from the details for now. Yesterday during a football game, a news bit came on that left Elijah asking what happened in Paris.… read more

hidden in Him

It’s late Sunday night, which obviously means Monday is near. As I tried to get the girls to bed a while ago, which at times is akin to herding feral cats, I began to feel anxious and like Monday is creeping in with it’s list of to-do’s and making up the undone from last week and (goodness gracious) the need to make some sort of plan for holiday needs and gifts and… on and on…


It can come on like a thick cloak of fresh panic, these thoughts of a new week with old and new needs pressing hard.… read more

39 is just fine: {a 52 weeks of gratitude post}


I’m 39 now. And it’s ok. It’s good. 39 is just fine…

and I’m convinced that 40 will be just fine as well. Exciting, even, because who knows what is yet to come?

Certainty is the mark of the commonsense life– gracious uncertainty is the mark of the spiritual life.

read more
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