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Hope Heals is out TODAY :: #hopehealsbook


Amid the swirling fears of the unknown and the losses stacked higher than the victories, a question kept bubbling up to the surface of my mind: Will you trust Me still? And I decided that no matter what lay ahead for us, we could not let anything obscure our view of the God who inexplicably gave us everything, even in the taking away.

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since you’ve been gone


It’s been ten years without you here.


No one can tell me that God doesn’t work miracles in the everyday mundane. We wondered how we’d ever make it without you – but the sun kept rising day after day and the pages of the calendar kept turning and the children keep getting taller and every bit of it is made up of miracles.… read more

gratitude challenge: {five} an impossible picture


Over the years, I’ve had many things given to me — plenty of them important and many of them less important. Too many gifts over time to remember them all, of course, but when I read the gratitude challenge prompt for this week, it quickly came to me what I want to share about.… read more

gratitude challenge: {three} this man and these children


It’s late and the dishwasher is whirring and the oven is heating to bake up a batch of these beauties. They are gluten-free and so they must be healthy, yes? (Just nod and smile, please and thank you.) The house is quiet, even with the whirring and clicking from the kitchen, because the husband has accidentally fallen asleep across the bed and the children have long been tucked in.… read more