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a beautiful example of abiding

Therefore, my brother, who would learn to abide in Jesus, take time each day, ere you read, and while you read, and after you read, to put yourself into living contact with the living Jesus, to yield yourself distinctly and consciously to His blessed influence; so will you give Him the opportunity of taking hold of you, of drawing you up and keeping you safe in His almighty life.

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gratitude challenge: {five} an impossible picture


Over the years, I’ve had many things given to me — plenty of them important and many of them less important. Too many gifts over time to remember them all, of course, but when I read the gratitude challenge prompt for this week, it quickly came to me what I want to share about.… read more

Milla Jean turned F I V E

…and somehow my heart did not break, though I was sure it would.6138758393_c5b1f668bf_z

My Milla Jean,

You’re very beginning was in itself a beautiful revelation of God’s goodness and faithfulness, in all circumstances.

He put you on both my heart and your daddy’s at a time when it seemed completely crazy and slightly irresponsible to have a fourth child.… read more

on wondering why and beauty in the valleys {part 1}


I think it’s so easy for us to wonder why God allows certain circumstances to come in our lives and to question His plans. I’ve learned, and continue to learn, that there are a couple of things I need to remind myself of frequently, like pretty much daily, and especially in hard times:

  1. I am not God.
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